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What's next, 

Miami County?

Our county's next chapter is waiting to be written.

It's time



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Project Overview

What is a comprehensive plan,

and why should it matter to me?

The comprehensive plan is a long-range document that guides the county’s future growth and development, its priorities, and its services. It is a road map of sorts that helps us visualize where we want to go as a county and the path to reach that destination. Your input in the comprehensive planning process is essential in determining the destination—the vision—for Miami County.

Project Goals

What are the project's goals?


Understand the county's current state (physical, demographic, economic, and regulatory)


Define the county's biggest assets and challenges for the future


Build public consensus around the county's future direction


Recommend appropriate development types and character in different areas of the county

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Prioritize policies, actions, and resources to achieve the comprehensive plan's vision


Guide the county's future capital budgets and zoning recommendations

Miami County values planning

Following the population boom of the 1970s, Miami County put plans in place to address land use patterns, connectivity, and preservation of local culture. Balancing urban development with rural lifestyles remains important, which is why Miami County is taking lessons from the past to preserve its future. Click the timeline below to open it in a pop-up window.

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Planning History

Get involved!

#VoiceYourVision  (here's how)

Get Involved!

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Dear Miami County Residents,

Comprehensive plans provide guidance for future growth, development, and appearance of the county.

Today, your voice and participation is imperative to assist in shaping the future direction of Miami County via a renewed comprehensive plan. The new plan will provide significant direction to elected officials tasked with administering the development of the county.

Your county leadership asks for your participation in this important effort. Please help us #tellourstory by telling us yours. 

Shane Krull

Miami County Administrator

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Dear Miami County Residents,

Your voice matters, Miami County! As we turn the page to the next Comprehensive Plan for Miami County, your input is needed to help frame the picture of future growth and development in the County. Some of the main components of the Plan include residential and commercial development; agriculture; lakes, parks, and trails; road, sewer, and water infrastructure; and schools. 


The next Plan will lay the foundation for new regulations, and will guide the Planning Commission and Board of County Commissioners as they make decisions concerning future growth, and the facilities, services and improvements necessary to support that growth. It's time to voice your vision for Miami County!

Teresa Reeves

Planning & Zoning Director

A word of encouragement...

Why is this planning effort important?

Phil Dixon_District 1_Chairman.jpg
Bonnie (Rob) Roberts_District 2.jpg
George Pretz_District 3.jpg
Tyler Vaughan_District 4.jpg
Danny Gallagher_District 5.jpg

Phil Dixon

Chairman, District 1

Rob Roberts

District 2

George Pretz

District 3

Tyler Vaughan

District 4

Danny Gallagher

District 5

This will be a great opportunity to answer, in public, all of the questions and comments that I have been asked over the past years about why we do this and why we don't allow that. Putting everyone at the same table to discuss will be a good education process for all of us.

This is a great opportunity for you to provide your county with ideas, opinions, and concerns that will be used to develop a new vision for Miami County and what we collectively want our county to look like in the future.

We are Miami County, not Johnson or Linn County. Let's make this comprehensive planning process work for us going forward.

As a growing and developing county, it is very important that we, as a county, engage in the process to define how the county will look in the short- and long-term.  You, as a citizen of Miami County, have the ability to speak out and be heard in order to help shape our comprehensive plan.

It is so important to plan what we want Miami County to look like in the years to come. ”Plan your work and work your plan” is a motto that I like that fits perfectly for this endeavor.

Project Resources

Check back as the project progresses for draft documents, summaries of events, and more! To be notified when a new resource is available, sign up for email notifications by clicking below.

The Miami County Comprehensive Plan Public Survey was available to all county residents until Sunday, January 17, 2021. The survey was completed by 1,124 respondents, which is a statistically significant response rate (95% confidence interval and a 2.875% margin of error). Click the button below to review the public survey results. Thank you for taking the survey!

Contact Us

General Comments or Questions?

Kenneth Cook, AICP, CFM

Planning Director

Miami County

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